Posting Openness

Welcome to the Better Better Bibles Blog.   Your voice and your perspective matters here.  If you’ve found a post at the Better Bibles Blog interesting and wanted to make a comment there but were moderated, then please feel free to leave your comment here.  Do note their rules over there:

Posting Guidelines

Blog posts and comments should focus on Bible translation issues, not theology, or personalities.

1. Support claims with evidence.
2. Do not question anyone’s intelligence, spirituality or motives.
3. Do not tell someone what they believe. Instead, ask them.
4. Avoid sarcasm.
5. Comments should be concise and relate directly to post content.

Comments which do not follow the guidelines may be edited or deleted.

Now note our openness here:

Should is a shaming word.  We’d like you to feel free to make any intelligent remarks you like.  Or say something silly if you want.  Feel like hijacking the post?  Go right ahead.  Have something remotely related to share?  Then by all means share it.  We have no separate “Share” page where we judge whether your ideas might be post worthy. 

  1. Don’t worry about the pretenses of evidence or proofs for all your claims. 
  2. Question anything, everything, or anyone. 
  3. Why not ask questions, especially what others commenting here believe? 
  4. Humo(u)r of all sorts is appreciated.  Can you be sarcastic?  Well, if you’re able to then you can. 
  5. Didn’t we already say should is a shaming word?  Only WordPress will limit the length of your comment; if that’s the case, then post two or three.  Forget what the original post topic of BBB was about?  Don’t worry; they’ll write another soon.

Welcome here.  If your comment doesn’t post, then WordPress may have sent it to spam.  So please let us know and we’ll make sure you’re heard here.  True spammers and trolls and the like will be known by their fruits, or something better biblical like that.


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