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  1. Kurk, we wish that Suzanne would still post on BBB. But she chose to resign as one of the bloggers. It would have been better for you to ask about the facts of what happened than to assume you knew and posted it publicly here.

    We have continued to invite other women to join us blogging at BBB. Two or three agreed, but then never posted. I suspect they were busy with all their other responsibilities, just as each of us BBB bloggers are.

    I’ll try to put your blog back on the blogroll, if it deals with translation issues.

    My wife and I made it safely to Ohio and are getting loved on lots by our beautiful granddaughters.

  2. Wayne,
    Thanks for stopping by here. I believe elsewhere I’ve noted how I understand that Suzanne left the BBB for her own reasons. Please don’t assume that I was assuming. Also, I think David Ker has moderated her at BBB; I’m assuming so because she quoted him as saying so here. So is he now letting her post comments?

    I’m so glad to hear you say again how you’ve invited women to join the men blogging at BBB. Hope somebody will take you up on it. You know I imagine it could make a real and real positive difference. (I also understand Joel Watts has invited a woman blogger to his man-only team at Unsettled Christianity. Again, a good thing to do.)

    Thank you very much for trying to put my blog back on the BBB blogroll. You should know that my blog Aristotle’s Feminist Subject does deal with translation. The banner states that explicitly: “This blog has been a way to interact with some of you around ‘subjects’ that Aristotle has taught too many of us in the West, even today, to disparage: females, rhetoric, and translation. Much recovery yet to do.” Quite a few posts deal with English Bible translation if not directly then tangentially. (I’m working on one now.)

    Glad to hear you’re with family safely and are enjoying their company. (Thanks again for your good communication with me when you were en route.)

  3. Kurk, I completely agree that Bible translation teams need women on them, not as token women either, but as equal scholars. Women, as tests and experience has shown, are better with languages than men. It is everyone’s loss when we do not have their better gifts to make better translations.

    It was everyone’s loss when women were not allowed to vote.

    It is everyone’s loss when women are not allowed to use their gifts to benefit others.

  4. Kurk, after I interacted with you here earlier, I went back to your Aristotle blog and re-read something by you about the demise (or a similar word) of that blog. Right now I can’t find what I read on your blog earlier, but I’ve just spotted this post of yours which strikes me as similar. I think I concluded from your words and the lack of posts for a while, that you were going to let that blog die (hopefully, a honorable death). I can’t remember things as well as I used to but right now I seem to remember that that was the reason I removed that blog from our blogroll, rather than for the reason I said earlier, that it didn’t have much to do with translation. As you have correctly noted, you have written a lot about translation.

    I’m glad to see that that blog has taken on new (or renewed) life.


  5. Women, as tests and experience has shown, are better with languages than men.
    Wayne, That’s quite a statement for a man to make. For me, one of the most fascinating statements in the Bible is this one:

    זכר ונקבה בראם ויברך אתם ויקרא את־שמם אדם ביום הבראם׃ ס

    Who can say who is better or why? But we all, female and male, can agree that we’re all better off when all are allowed to speak and no one is silenced.

    … I concluded from your words …. I’m glad to see that that blog has taken on new (or renewed) life. Cheers!

    Wayne, What’s up with an author’s intentions? Thank you very much for taking so much time to recall what probably happened with the AFS blog and consequently with the BBB blogroll. You are ever kind now to restore the one to the other, with such cheer. I see you’ve also even added this BBBB blog to the BBB blogroll there. I’d love to see this blog here die a reasonable death. How can I promise to stop asking questions if you were to allow me back at BBB? What if I myself couldn’t sort out if they were rhetorical questions or something else? What if I doubted that an author’s intentions are knowable, that the Hebrew Bible is common language in the first place, that wordplay is a huge and important part of translation, that literary language makes a better Bible, that language is n-Dimensional, that what has been described as weird language or foreign-sounding language or womanly is very important – quite often – in communication, that Evelyn and Eunice and Ken Pike have a much much better way of looking at language than pragmatist-focused Ernst August Gutt and Dan Sperber and Deirdre Wilson do, that formalism sucks and so does Eugene Nida’s formation of Dynamic Equivalence for evangelistic ends, that Lydia He Liu conceives of translation in ways that are so personal that they avoid the “target / source” and the “formal / dynamic” binaries, that Western neo-Aristotelianisms still govern the way missionary Bible translation is theorized and (I would guess) practiced, that Jewish Bible translation today is closer to what Matthew Mark Luke and John and the LXX translators and the Masoretes practiced? Some of the guys at BBB, as you know, have said these are views that hijack BBB posts there, that these are merely my hobby horse, that by expressing such interests and asking such questions I’m detracting from the mission. Maybe Suzanne’s choice to leave BBB was a good one. But you know that it was not entirely my choice to stop commenting at BBB. I’m not trying to air in public any grievances. I am hoping to say that we’re all friends now, that we’re friendly, that our disagreements detract from what you all want and who you all want for comments at your blog. I’m really hoping that this blog here won’t hurt any of you and that, rather, it will help all of you and more. So, cheers!

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